Sunday, January 9, 2011

John Mighton on the Bell Curve

Provocative talk by John Mighton of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences on The Ubiquitous Bell Curve: What It Does and Does Not Tell Us. The talk focuses on JUMP Math program and Mighton's work helping teachers learn how to excite students about mathematics. Mighton raises a number of key issues about teacher expectations, assessment, and students' ability to learn.

The talk is from TVO's Big Ideas series (highly recommended, whatever your interests).

Like all of TVO's Big Ideas series, the talks are made available as either audio or video versions. I find downloading the audio to my ipod, and then listening while cutting the grass, washing dishes, taking the bus etc. allows me to turn wasted time into productive time; but you may prefer to watch the video so you can see presenter's slides etc.

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